Who/What is I.M.A.C.?

I.M.A.C., a subsidiary of Jet Foundation was started in 1999 by Jeff Robinson as a ‘faith-based’ institution that provides a platform for academic, artistic, professional and spiritual development.

What happens at I.M.A.C.?

At I.M.A.C., we use the “…iron sharpeneth iron…” concept by providing the attendees with experienced and knowledgeable clinicians. These experts help to sharpen and develop the skills, talents and minds of those attendees involved in similar industries, ministries or organizations.

Who is I.M.A.C. for?

I.M.A.C. is a non-denominational/multi-cultural institution! I.M.A.C. is open to ALL individuals involved in ‘faith-based’ arts and ministries. I.M.A.C. is also open to secular organizations/entities that are looking for an institution that provides educational and networking opportunities! This includes but not limited to: Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Singers/Speakers, Music Industry Personalities, Professional/Independent Recording Artists, Songwriters, Ministers, Laymen, Youth/Teen-Agers, Church Leaders/Members, and more!

… As a Pastor, there were several things I needed to become knowledgeable of… after attending the I.M.A.C. Conference over 4 years now I can now submit grants to receive FREE money, my first vocal project is completed, and 4 of 5 books are complete. Thank you Jeff Robinson for your obedience to the vision God has given you…
— Bishop Arnetta Salazar, Heaven Hands Ministries (Chicago, IL)

What is the primary focus of I.M.A.C.?

Education is the primary focus at I.M.A.C. conferences! I.M.A.C. engages to empower all attendees with knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to stimulate their dreams, goals and God-given callings at costs that don’t encourage financial challenges.

… You can come in and sit down and enjoy truth and knowledge at its finest. God continue to grow I.M.A.C.
— Rodnie Bryant, Tyscot Recording Artist (Indianapolis, IN)

What else does I.M.A.C. offer?

Although education is our PRIMARY focus, I.M.A.C. offers excellent networking and exposure opportunities. I.M.A.C. has showcased many unheard artists who now have a major presence in the industry; some include: Rizen, Ziel, Earnest Pugh and Nikki Ross to name a few.

…I can truly say that this conference has benefited me spiritually as well as caused me to make some good connections in the industry
— Earnest Pugh, Chart-Topping Recording Artist

Does I.M.A.C. only attract new and upcoming artists?

No, I.M.A.C. has attracted a diverse group of vocalists, musicians, rap artists, dance groups and choirs from varying areas of the Gospel arts. The I.M.A.C.  Conference has presented both professional and independent artists, unsigned and upcoming artists; our stage is available to any artistic forms of Christian/Gospel expression. Register for our showcase today!

I'm not interested in the industry nor being an artist, is I.M.A.C. still for me?

Definitely Yes! For the choir member and public speaker, I.M.A.C. offers a seminar on vocal development and health also addressing the issue of sinuses, acid reflux and allergies. For the church dance or mime ministry, I.M.A.C. offers dance techniques and team development sessions. For the ministry leader and ALL CHRISTIANS, I.M.A.C. offers a seminar that addresses conflict management, organization and structure, spiritual development, developing a vision as a leader and the benefits of delegating. Something for EVERYONE!

What makes I.M.A.C. different from other conferences?

First, I.M.A.C. endeavors to provide learning and exposure opportunities at affordable rates! Because of contributions from faithful supporters, small businesses, ministries and I.M.A.C. faith partners, we are able to bring ‘5-Star’ quality programming at affordable registration fees.
Secondly, I.M.A.C. provides a mid-sized, intimate and personable environment where registrants can learn and network effectively. Our clinicians and executives are touchable and the environment is sizeable enough to leave the registrant feeling assured to growth possibilities.
Lastly, I.M.A.C. staff and volunteers continually work to make your conference experience a memorable one; we strive to book performers and speakers who are edifying and friendly, we seek to partner with credible ministries & organizations; we only do business with quality hotels and lodging facilities and continually develop our staff and volunteers to provide superior hospitality.

Jeff and his staff were very professional and things were done in decency and in order…the hotel was of 5-star qualities, very comfortable and safe…
— Kristie Sibley, K-Love Music