What Is The I.M.A.C. Gospel Honors?

The I.M.A.C. Gospel Honors (a/k/a “I.M.A.C. Honors”), is a celebratory event full of performances, fellowship and recognition of the influence and achievements of those individuals in areas of:

  • Inspirational Arts – includes Music, Dance, Christian Rap/Spoken Word, Instrumental, Drama and any faith-based artistic expression.
  • Service – Humanitarian, philanthropic, outreach and any outstanding service performed by an individual or faith-based entity given to the community and/or the body of Jesus Christ.
  • Education – For individuals and faith-based entities who’ve made an impressionable impact on those through education, motivation and the pursuit of a higher learning.
  • Entrepreneurship – Celebrating the tenacity and accomplishments of those faith-based individuals or entities in business or services that assist in some form in the promotion or furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The I.M.A.C. Gospel Honors
“The Imprint of Inspiration”